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Our mission is to help people to start a journey in finding their ultimate self through running and fitness.

Pick from our coaching plans to get fitter or work with us to make your organisation move better.


Personal Coaching

We work with individuals to help them your achieve your fitness, running, functional training or weight loss goals.

Our personal coaching offering is for adults and children alike.

  • Adults may pick from options of in-person and online training programs.

  • For children aged 8 and above, we have very limited in-person training slots in Delhi NCR only.

Our coaching programs are all personalised and completely customised to help you achieve your goals.

We can guide you to start running, train for a race (in any distance) or improve as a regular runner. The running programs include strength training and nutritional guidance for a holistic experience. INR 3,000 for 30 days.


Our Fit in 90 days program is targeted to people who are at the beginning of their fitness journey. Assisted by a training app, we will guide you with personalised workouts, tailored diet plans and more. INR 6,500 for 90 days.

Fitness at the Workplace

As passionate coaches, we are driven to help organisations transform the overall wellbeing of people at the workplace. Through our customisable & dynamic plans, we can unlock energy & tap into the fitness potential.

Other collaborations

We enjoy writing about running, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and overall wellness.

So, we will be delighted to partner with you to collectively achieve our goal to make humans become fitter, stronger, faster and healthier.

This can include any fitness related speaking opportunities, consulting, coaching services, product launches, events, etc.

Be Featured


We believe that interesting and entertaining stories are the quintessential carrots to inspire our rabbits (we mean, members). 

If you have any pitches, stories related to fitness, running, health, nutrition, lifestyle or any jump-in-the-air and click-your-heels kind of ideas, I would love to hear about it and feature them here.

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Submit your experiences to nivi@fitrabbits.com.